The Race for the House
June 24, 2018

We were invited to make exhibition runs at the 2018 Race for the House to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia. We hit the track Sunday morning and despite the weather predictions the day turned out to be a beautiful one. Johnson Family Racing was, once again, aided by Bobby Toth the tuning, driving, wrenching phenom.

Bryce Kovach, our Assistant Crew Chief was introduced to the weather station and helped get the data needed for our tune up. John, Crew Chief, and wife Anita helped with car prep and set up the hospitality area. Bruce Schaffer and daughter Eliana made the haul from the Poconos to crew. Rick Sturz and son Chase came out and helped prep the car and ensured a safe and fast car was ready. Lisa Kovach was stepping in and helping as well along with her duties as Back Up Girl for the Quarter Pounder.

We fired the car and prepped it for the first exhibition run against George Reidnauer’s Excalibur Corvette. Around noon we head to the staging lanes and get ready to run. The burnout didn’t go as expected, but that didn’t prove to be any issue as the 60 ft on the pass was one of the team’s best. The lights came down and both cars left hard and Reidnauer’s Corvette slowly pulled away just before half track. The QP tripped the clocks at a 7.70 doing 174 mph. For the very first pass of the 2018 season – not too bad for both the car and the driver.

We roll back to the pits and get the car lined up and ready for service. The car was refueled and chutes packed. The air was checked and adjustments made. Within an hour we’re being called to the lanes for the second run vs. the Excalibur. This burnout was perfect. Both cars lined up and left with identical reaction times of .091! The 60 ft times were even and again as the cars launched side-by-side. The Excalibur with it’s tremendous power plant again pulled away around half track. Quarter Pounder ran a 7.66 at 176 mph.

Next event is the Funny Car Nationals in Pittsburgh! 24+ funny cars battling it out for the crown on July 14th at Keystone Raceway Park. More info: We’ll be back at Maple Grove for the Glory Days Nostalgia event the weekend of August 17-18th.