Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals
May 24, 2015: Salem Ohio

Johnson Family Racing headed out to the show on Saturday set to arrive at 1-2 pm. We set up temporary camp for the evening and got ready for the the next day of racing. At the driver’s meeting our car still didn’t have a driver. Kevin Johnson was sidelined without a current competition license at the time.

As the morning progressed our friend Chris Massarella spoke with Virginia funny car pilot Matt Stambaugh to see if he would be interested in driving the Quarter Pounder for the day. Matt said he was up to the task. We serviced the car with help from Matt and super crewman Bryce Kovach. We fired it up and finished getting ready for the first round. Helping us for the weekend were good friends, the Boughters, who came all the way from eastern PA.

The first round had Matt matched against Steve Crook in the Feelin’ Groovy Vega. Matt laid down a half-track burnout to serve the crowd some smoke. This was to be the maiden voyage for the Quarter Pounder and with a fat tuneup Matt ran a very respectable 8 second pass. The second run again began with Matt doing his best to boil the slicks off the car. The run was a bye and due to air pressure being to high in the slicks Matt broke the tires loose at the launch but pedaled it and still ran a 8 second pass.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit’s Denny Salzwimmer and Quaker City Motorsports Park for putting on a fantastic show again this year. We had a great time at the 2015 Quaker City Nostalgia Classic and Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals. Our inauguration for the Quarter Pounder wasn’t perfect but it was a success despite some rookie mistakes. Seeing that it was our first time out we kept the lashings to a minimum.

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