PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals
Sept 24-25th: Keystone Raceway Park, New Alexandria, PA

A beautiful fall weekend was on tap for the 2016 PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals. This is an event that is host to the GLNFCC, Southern Slingshots, Ohio Outlaw Gassers and many more nostalgia race cars. With a scant crew the Quarter Pounder team set out Saturday morning at the break of dawn to roll across the Appalachian mountains into the town of New Alexandria and home to Keystone Raceway Park.

After setting up the pit area we have a few hours to prepare the car for the warm up. The skies turned from overcast to blue skies and the time is drawing near. The air (density) didn’t move much while the sun came out. Around 5:30 we were called to the lanes to pair up with John Kwasniewski’s Pol Cal Corvette. We set up in the right lane firing up and rolling forward to get the slicks wet for a big burnout. A near-half-track burnout was completed and after rolling back and pulled into the beams the lights come down. The QP pushes through the beams before the tree was activated. After the pass it was found that the 12 volt system wasn’t activated and caused the issue with the launch.

Back to the pits to service the car and get ready for round two. Running the valves, fueling the car, packing the chutes, checking the air and changing the pill are among the duties. Soon enough the call was made to roll up to the top of the lanes. We were the first pair and matched up with veteran funny car racer Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock ’71 Mustang. We fired up a little delayed from Rocky and got into the water and immediately lit up the slicks for a long, smokey burnout. We pull into the beams and we’re out slightly ahead of Solid Rock but eventually get overtaken around 1000 ft. We ran a 7.99 at 168 mph with a 1.17 60 ft time. Back to the pits to service the car and wrap things up for the evening.

Sunday morning rolls around and the weather is bright and sunny. Packing chutes, tire pressures checked and fueling up for the fire/tune up are complete just around the corner from the run time for the GLNFCC. At 2:30 we’re called to the lanes and match up against the Nitroflier Omni. In the left lane this round we roll into the water and pull off a spectacular half-track burnout which is well received by the crowd. Backing up and staging, with a few dry hops thrown, both cars launch simultaneously and run side by side til 1000 ft when the Nitroflier pulls ahead and takes the stripe. Driver Kevin Johnson clicked off a career best time of a 7.77 at 173 mph with another 1.17 60 ft time. Thanks to Keystone Raceway Park for providing a great track for us to race on. We look forward to racing at the track more in the future.

Thanks to Brian Gawlik and Bob Toth for helping prep the car for the event and for Brian making the trip to serve as our only crew (including trailer tire repair assistance on the way home).