PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals
September 23-24, 2017

When Fall rolls around each year we always think about the trip out to western PA and running the PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals. This year there was nothing “Fall” about the temperatures where the highs were in the upper 80’s. The turn out on Saturday was amazing and looked like the biggest event to date. Cars poured in the gate all day long from race cars to show cars to daily driver hot rods.

This was Keystone’s 50th Anniversary season and they celebrated at this event. Dragsters, Gassers, Funny Cars and so much more were lined up to entertain the crowd. We set up immediately and started servicing the race car to get ready for round one. Fuel up, tune up, pressures and more are checked and tweaked. We get the call to head up to the lanes around 5:00. We’re matched up with the Crazy Bear Vega in the left lane and we were in the right.

The typical big burnout was laid down shy of mid-track. The crowd loved the smoke-filled start to this race. A couple of dry hops and we stage and leave hard. We have the lead for the full race and get the first round win of the season at 7.77 and 177 mph. Not as quick or fast as we’d like but it was the dreaded double-step by the driver that had the time off its mark. Oh well there’s another round. We roll back into the pits and get the car ready for round two.

The call to head to the lanes is made around 8:00 and we pull up paired up against the Nitro Flier Omni and Bill Walls. We line up and get ready to fire when we had a problem with the wiring on the starter. Bobby Toth was quick to act and fixed the issue but we lost the round. We still planned to make a pass and waited our turn. We fired and when rolling forward something was wrong with the front end. The car was shut off and pushed back once again.

Back in the pits the crew discovered the problem. Front brakes catastrophic failure that destroyed a caliper and the rotor. The fix was plugging the master cylinder and dropping the front brakes out to make the pass on Sunday. We hang out with our fellow racers, family and friends into the late evening enjoying everything this sport has to offer.

Sunday morning brings yet another beautiful day to us. We get the car ready for the only pass on Sunday and pull into the lanes to await our runs. While pulling the car into place it was deemed unsafe as the car was unable to stop without the front brakes. We were done. Such a disappointment for what we expected to be a great end to the season with strong passes for all 3.

Thanks to Greg Miller and his staff for another top class event! We look forward to racing at Keystone Raceway Park again soon.