Nostalgia Nights Car Show
September 5, 2015: Pottstown, PA

Labor Day weekend always marks the end of summer and the final car show held on High Street in Pottstown, PA. The show is organized by the Pottstown Classics Car Club and brings dozens and dozens of cars to the closed off main street of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This event included the Quarter Pounder nostalgia funny car and the Excalibur a 1978 Corvette nostalgia funny car with a fire up by each.

The cool breeze blew in as the sunset and hundreds of people filled the streets looking at all the hot rods, muscle cars, imports and race cars. We fired up the Quarter Pounder first at 7:30 pm. Crew chief, John Johnson, primed the “beast” block Chevy and brought ‘er to life. The car sounded crisp and the sound filled the air thundering off the buildings on historic High Street. A few whacks of the throttle thumped the crowd’s chest and the engine sounded ready to hit the strip. A few minutes later driver, Kevin Johnson, pulled the fuel shutoff and turned off the magneto bringing the thunder to a close. The crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Next up Excalibur and it’s Hemi!

Thanks to our super crew of Bryce, Lisa, John, Anita & Tom!