A little bit of color for the darkness
Special Thanks to Dave Ferrin of Ferrin Motorsport Designs

We have updated the look of the Quarter Pounder for 2017. The vinyl design was derived from the custom Ferrin design and adapted to a full-scale setup for putting on the car.

Once ready to be printed the artwork was sent to the shop of Eddie Buck at his Eureka Sign and Display in Eureka, MO.

The vinyl was received by the team and we started the prep for application which included removing the old graphics and cleaning the surface perfectly.  We cut the vinyl to fit on the car for both the top graphic and the sides.  We also cut out the tail lights and headlights along with the rear window.

We applied using the wet method for applying decals.  We used a slightly soapy solution with just a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

We worked out the solution and bubbles with body shop putty spreaders.  Once it was completely dry it was ready for trimming.  We did the wheel wells and cleaned up around the edges with an x-acto blade.  That’s a wrap!