Beaver Springs Labor Day Finals
September 4th: Beaver Springs Dragway, Beaver Springs, PA

We set out on Saturday morning to head to Beaver Springs Dragway in the beautiful, little Appalachian mountain town of Beaver Springs, PA for their Labor Day Classic event with Jets, Nostalgia Funny Cars and Vintage Race Cars in addition to their Finals.  A special day was in store for us as we had the help of driver-tuners, Bob Toth and Brian Gawlik to whip the Quarter Pounder into shape for our first official event out with the GLNFCC.

The first round was set to run at 2:00 pm so the team set up the car and tested the newly-added equipment, setting the timing, idle rpm, etc.  We were called to the lanes around 3:30, a bit of a delay from the planned run time.  Bob took the driving duties for the first pass.  We were matched up with John Kwasniewski’s Pol-Cal Corvette.  Bob was able to click off an 8.06 at 168 mph with a .099 reaction time shaking the car down more than effectively but losing to the Corvette.

We rolled back into the pit and serviced the car, packing the chutes, re-fueling, running the valves, tweaking the launch rpm and more.  Second round was underway by 5:30.  Kevin Johnson had the seat back for the second pass.  We were paired up with the Detroit Thunder Thunderbird driven by Bill Hallet.  After a hefty burnout, while backing up the Quarter Pounder experience steering issues making the crew have to push the car off the starting line quickly as to not hold up the other car.

Once the steering issue was diagnosed and corrected by the crew we lined up to make a solo pass.  Kevin rolled through the water box and lit up the slicks for a near-half track burnout to make up for the problems.  Brian pulled the car into the  beams, Kevin inched into the staging beams and hit the green late with a .253 reaction time but running the car’s fastest time to date.  A 7.83 at 173 mph after a nice, strong full pass.

We’re well on the way now thanks to Rocky’s Rod Shop and Bob and Brian’s help. We’ll be at Pittsburgh Raceway Park in New Alexandria, PA the weekend of the 24-25th of September for their Keystone Nostalgia Nationals.  We will be part of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit for the second time this year.  There will be 2 passes made on Saturday evening and one on Sunday afternoon.  Brian Gawlik will again be helping the team to get the car to run 7.50 and quicker.  See you there!

Photos by Frank Dragotta