Good Vibrations Motorsports Funny Car Nationals
July 15, 2017: Keystone Raceway Park, New Alexandria, PA

The race team headed out to the show early Friday morning. Before long a trailer tire blew and the crew immediately went into action fixing replacing it with one of the spares.  Back on the road and just before arriving another tire lets go.  Time to employ the second and last spare wheel and tire.

We finally arrived at the track nearly 8 hours later (what was to be a 4-5 hr trip!). We set up the pit area and unloaded the car in preparation for the big day on Saturday.  32 cars + were reported to be on the property and this was turning out to be one of the biggest funny car races in the country.

This event was the first Funny Car Nationals to be video-cast live by Motor Mania TV and can be viewed in its entirety here.

Saturday morning we serviced the car and put in a tune up with help from friend and tuner Brian Gawlik. We fired it up and finished getting ready for the first round.  We were paired up against Total Insanity and Chris Massarella (who would go on to win the event).  After a big burnout the car lost fire after the first dry hop attempt.  Chris won that round and went on to run an event-quickest 6.99 e.t.  We were allowed to re-fire the car and make a pass.  After a double-step on the throttle the car ran a soft 8 second pass.

Back to the pits to service the engine and get ready for second round.  We check the plugs, adjust the tune up, run the valves, pack the chutes, fill the fuel tank up and all the miscellaneous tasks the crew manages after each pass.  Second round is about 9:00 pm under the lights and we’re paired against Blair Smith and the Boston Challenger ’70 Cuda.  Another long, smoky burnout and we line up and lose to Blair with another soft 8 second pass.

Time to watch the finals with the Massarellas Total Insanity Monza vs. the Parts Peddler Cuda. After a fantastic side-by-side drag race down the quarter mile Chris took the win narrowly.  Fireworks finished up the show but not until one last funny car pass from Matt Stambaugh and his sister Robin and crew who drove non-stop from Virginia (experiencing trailer tire woes like ours) rolling in the gate just in time.  Matt smoked the hides for the entire quarter mile and brought the crowd to its feet roaring with applause.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit’s Denny Salzwimmer and Keystone Raceway Park’s Greg Miller along with many other key people for putting on a fantastic show this year.  We had a great time and can’t wait til next years Good Vibrations Motorsports Funny Car Nationals.  Our outing wasn’t perfect, but it was still a success having attended and participated in the best Funny Car Nationals to date.   2018 will be even better!