Glory Days Nostalgia Drags
August 18th, 2018

The forecast was bleak with a high percentage chance of rain and thunderstorms (the 12th consecutive weekend of this weather), but we rolled out of the Poconos Saturday morning amidst the overcast skies.  Getting closer to the track the skies lighten and once we’re at the track the clouds start to part. In the end, all day we are were surrounded by weather, but not a drop hit the facility.

The run times as posted were 1:00 and 4:00 pm so we unloaded and prepped the car for the first round. Fuel it up. Fire it up. Roll up to the lanes when we’re called. We’re helping fill in for a missing car so we are set to run with the injected cars. First round we have our good friend Willie Johnson (no relation but he’s a brother from another mother!) in the No Money, No Funny ’68 Nova.

The QP rolled through the water and Kevin hit the loud pedal to incinerate the slicks in hopes of grabbing that $1000 burnout award. The car goes up on the tire and smokes the slicks til just shy of half-track. It was a good burnout but is it good enough to win the award? We’ll see. We have some tough competitors in this area.  Willie and the QP line up and the tree comes down and the QP goes into tire shake and loses traction. Backpedalled and gripping again the QP roars down the quarter mile trying to catch Willie at the stripe.  Falling just a little short of catching him, the 8-second pass wasn’t good enough.  Back to the pits to get ready for the second round.  The crew refuels the car, the driver packs the chutes and the crew chief sets the tune-up for the damp air and puts a little more air in the slicks to help with that burnout award.

In the lanes for the second round we’re paired with the War Horse Mustang II of Bob Daly. We fire the car and set the QP loose. The QP rolls through the water box before hitting the throttle and setting the slicks ablaze. This was another good one and may have been just enough to win this round’s burnout award. After backing up and a few dry hops the trans am has a problem with the transmission. The car can’t stage and rolls down the track to safely and quickly exit.  Good news and bad news. We won the 2nd round Burnout Contest sponsored by DJ Safety, M&H Racemaster Fires and Musser Family Motorsports, however, the transmission was damaged.

The first round burnout award winner was Robin Stambaugh-Schoeman in the family Generation X Corvette.  The remaining cars ran with Brian Gawlik getting his first event win driving Rocky Pirrone’s Screamin’ Eagle Trans Am taking the win over Bob Toth driving the Roxlau & Musser Time Bomb in the Blown class.  In the injected class Willie Johnson took the win and Krista Massarella won the best reaction time award in the injected class.

Thanks to Steve Musser and Chris Massarella for organizing the funny cars for the event.  Thanks to Maple Grove Raceway for hosting this annual event and providing a top-notch facility to race at.  Thanks to DJ Safety and M&H Racemaster Tires and Steve Musser for providing the awards!

Next event is a cackle and appearance at the Pottstown Car Club’s monthly car show on May 1st from 5-9 pm.  September the 8th we will be down at Maryland International Raceway for the Legends at Budds Creek event.  The final event for the QP is October 13-14th at Virginia Motorsport Park in Dinwiddie, VA.