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Reading Pep Boys Display

Reading Pep Boys Display September 5, 2015: Reading, PA The Quarter Pounder and Johnson Family Racing was at the Reading Pep Boys on Saturday, September 5th for their Cars and Coffee monthly display. Good friend Charlie Birckhead is the general manager of the store and he was there to welcome the team in the morning. Accompanying the Quarter Pounder was John and Anita Johnson's '55 Chevy custom.  The team set up and talked with the customers throughout the morning about drag racing, funny cars, the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit and its upcoming event at Atco Dragway on September 26th. The event wrapped up around 2:00 pm and the team loaded up and headed off to the second car show of the day in Pottstown, PA on High Street for the Pottstown Classics Car Club's Nostalgia Nights Car Show.

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Glory Days Nostalgia Race

Glory Days Nostalgia Race at Maple Grove August 23, 2015: Reading, PA A perfect Sunday was on tap at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. It was the make up date for the rained out Glory Days Nostalgia Race. This is the team's favorite track and it felt good to finally have the Quarter Pounder name back at the track since the 1980's when John Johnson, Crew Chief, ran his 2 front engine dragsters the original Quarter Pounders of Johnson Family Racing. After a call to Maple Grove's GM Lex Dudas we were given the green light to bring the car out to the event for a test and tune day. Good friend and car chief for both Glory Daze and the Quarter Pounder Rick Sturz and his sons, Ricky and Chase were on hand to help along with Snooky's Vintage Apparel designer Scott Frymoyer. After finding a wiring issue due to a steering box change earlier in the week we fired the car and took it up to tech to get our run card. After getting back to the pit driver Kevin Johnson suited up and the team headed for the lanes to make the first pass of the day. We lined up the car and hooked up the batteries. A squeeze of the throttle to open the blades for a quick squirt and we were ready to fire the blown big block Chevy on alcohol. After firing the body goes down and the party begins. The burnout was short and aborted too early. Lining up to stage the car was not ready for a good launch due to the bad burnout. As expected the car was loose and up on the tire. Kevin [...]

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Atco’s Outlaws & Funny Cars

Atco Dragway's Outlaws & Funny Cars August 15, 2015: Atco, NJ Hot August Nights. We tagged along with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit as a backup and test/tune outing for our team. After arriving in the early afternoon with temps hitting 95+ degrees we set up for an evening of funny car racing at Atco Dragway. With help from friend Will Gray, Johnson Family Racing prepped the Quarter Pounder by setting valves, fueling the car and topping off fluids by crewman Bryce Kovach. After firing the car driver, Kevin Johnson, suited up and we headed for the lanes. With the pair in front of us lining up we started getting ready to fire the car and got the signal that there was an oil down. We waited for the cleanup and were finally given the signal to fire it just as we discovered the starter was seized and would not start the car. Back to the pits to try and find a workaround before the second round. The final round was on tap and we had been called to the lanes but the starter was deemed beyond repair and without a back up we were done for the night and on the trailer. Thanks to Denny Salzwimmer for the invite to tag along. We'll be back on the 26th of September to once again tag along and add to the fun. Thanks to Atco Dragway for their love of funny cars!

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Island Dragway 55th Anniversary Show

Island Dragway 55th Anniversary Show August 2, 2015: Great Meadows, NJ Johnson Family Racing was invited to bring the Quarter Pounder out for some test/tune passes along with our friends running the 55th Anniversary Event at the fabled Island Dragway. Again, with the help of our friends, the Boughters, we set up our pit area for the day along track side. The second outing for the car started off with a broken rocker arm adjuster and a scramble with crewman Bryce Kovach around the pits to find someone with one we could borrow. Chuck Exton who runs the Wild n' Crazy Nitro Funny Car was happy to help us out with a part so we could run the final round of funny cars. Kevin Johnson was back behind the wheel after getting his license renewed. After a bummer of a burnout he staged and immediately launched the car up on the tire making it an aborted pass. He pedaled it and then coasted down the track. Not a great pass to say the least and we were one and done for the day on the trailer. Thanks to Chris Massarella and Island Dragway for the invite to play. We look forward to running Island Dragway more often.

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The Funny Car Nationals

Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals May 24, 2015: Salem Ohio Johnson Family Racing headed out to the show on Saturday set to arrive at 1-2 pm. We set up temporary camp for the evening and got ready for the the next day of racing. At the driver's meeting our car still didn't have a driver. Kevin Johnson was sidelined without a current competition license at the time. As the morning progressed our friend Chris Massarella spoke with Virginia funny car pilot Matt Stambaugh to see if he would be interested in driving the Quarter Pounder for the day. Matt said he was up to the task. We serviced the car with help from Matt and super crewman Bryce Kovach. We fired it up and finished getting ready for the first round. Helping us for the weekend were good friends, the Boughters, who came all the way from eastern PA. The first round had Matt matched against Steve Crook in the Feelin' Groovy Vega. Matt laid down a half-track burnout to serve the crowd some smoke. This was to be the maiden voyage for the Quarter Pounder and with a fat tuneup Matt ran a very respectable 8 second pass. The second run again began with Matt doing his best to boil the slicks off the car. The run was a bye and due to air pressure being to high in the slicks Matt broke the tires loose at the launch but pedaled it and still ran a 8 second pass. Thanks to the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit's Denny Salzwimmer and Quaker City Motorsports Park for putting on a fantastic show again this year. We had a great time [...]

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New Shirts

Thanks to Snooky's, the leader in vintage apparel for the hot-rodding world, the new Quarter Pounder shirts are now available.  Sizes include both Kids and Adults from small through XXXL.  You can always email us to place an order and pay with Paypal or stop by our pit at any show.  

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Our Handout

Our 2012 Handout with matching paint scheme.  A paper model for the kids and big kids alike.  Cut along the cut lines and fold one the fold lines to bring this piece of paper to life. Makes a cool collectible.

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