Atco Dragway’s Outlaws & Funny Cars
August 15, 2015: Atco, NJ

Hot August Nights. We tagged along with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit as a backup and test/tune outing for our team. After arriving in the early afternoon with temps hitting 95+ degrees we set up for an evening of funny car racing at Atco Dragway.

With help from friend Will Gray, Johnson Family Racing prepped the Quarter Pounder by setting valves, fueling the car and topping off fluids by crewman Bryce Kovach. After firing the car driver, Kevin Johnson, suited up and we headed for the lanes. With the pair in front of us lining up we started getting ready to fire the car and got the signal that there was an oil down. We waited for the cleanup and were finally given the signal to fire it just as we discovered the starter was seized and would not start the car. Back to the pits to try and find a workaround before the second round.

The final round was on tap and we had been called to the lanes but the starter was deemed beyond repair and without a back up we were done for the night and on the trailer.

Thanks to Denny Salzwimmer for the invite to tag along. We’ll be back on the 26th of September to once again tag along and add to the fun. Thanks to Atco Dragway for their love of funny cars!