Atco’s Funny Car Frenzy
August 26, 2017: Atco Dragway, Atco, NJ

South Jersey’s Atco Dragway dates back to the 60s and always welcomes the funny cars each year for their events. We were part of a 16-car show including a variety of race cars. Funny cars, dragsters, wheelstanders and jet cars were on deck ready to put on a show.

We arrived on Saturday around noon and got setup right away. We had lots of friends on hand for this show and had plenty of help. We set up the Phone Fuel Up booth for the complimentary phone charging for all attendees courtesy of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit. The car gets some attention and is prepped by the crew for the first round. Pack the chutes, fuel up, set the timing, check the tune up and tire pressures.

We are matched up with the Pol-Cal Corvette for the first round of the show. We throw down a big smokey burnout and just as the car comes to a stop the engine revs and shuts off. The tell-tale sound of running out of fuel. This is confirmed once we return to the pits. Live and learn. A few lashings with a wet noodle to the crew and we’re back at it getting ready for the next round. We pull up and have to wait for an oil clean up. We wait and wait. Finally we get the signal to Fire Up the Next Pair!

We fire up and roll through the water into a smokey and “squirrely” burnout. Driver Kevin Johnson backs up in the groove and Bob Toth carefully lines him up. Dry hop? Check. Pre-stage? Check. Stage? Check. The green light glows and the cars go…for a few feet and then the Quarter Pounder makes a move towards the center nearly clipping a timing cone. Kevin pedals a few times but the horsepower doesn’t want to get hooked back up and the pass is aborted rolling to the end of the track.

Thanks to Len Capone and his staff at Atco Dragway. We hope to be part of the event next year!