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PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals

PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals September 23-24, 2017 When Fall rolls around each year we always think about the trip out to western PA and running the PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals. This year there was nothing "Fall" about the temperatures where the highs were in the upper 80's. The turn out on Saturday was amazing and looked like the biggest event to date. Cars poured in the gate all day long from race cars to show cars to daily driver hot rods. This was Keystone's 50th Anniversary season and they celebrated at this event. Dragsters, Gassers, Funny Cars and so much more were lined up to entertain the crowd. We set up immediately and started servicing the race car to get ready for round one. Fuel up, tune up, pressures and more are checked and tweaked. We get the call to head up to the lanes around 5:00. We're matched up with the Crazy Bear Vega in the left lane and we were in the right. The typical big burnout was laid down shy of mid-track. The crowd loved the smoke-filled start to this race. A couple of dry hops and we stage and leave hard. We have the lead for the full race and get the first round win of the season at 7.77 and 177 mph. Not as quick or fast as we'd like but it was the dreaded double-step by the driver that had the time off its mark. Oh well there's another round. We roll back into the pits and get the car ready for round two. The call to head to the lanes is made around 8:00 and we pull up paired up against the Nitro Flier Omni and Bill Walls. We line [...]

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Atco’s Funny Car Frenzy

Atco's Funny Car Frenzy August 26, 2017: Atco Dragway, Atco, NJ South Jersey's Atco Dragway dates back to the 60s and always welcomes the funny cars each year for their events. We were part of a 16-car show including a variety of race cars. Funny cars, dragsters, wheelstanders and jet cars were on deck ready to put on a show. We arrived on Saturday around noon and got setup right away. We had lots of friends on hand for this show and had plenty of help. We set up the Phone Fuel Up booth for the complimentary phone charging for all attendees courtesy of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit. The car gets some attention and is prepped by the crew for the first round. Pack the chutes, fuel up, set the timing, check the tune up and tire pressures. We are matched up with the Pol-Cal Corvette for the first round of the show. We throw down a big smokey burnout and just as the car comes to a stop the engine revs and shuts off. The tell-tale sound of running out of fuel. This is confirmed once we return to the pits. Live and learn. A few lashings with a wet noodle to the crew and we're back at it getting ready for the next round. We pull up and have to wait for an oil clean up. We wait and wait. Finally we get the signal to Fire Up the Next Pair! We fire up and roll through the water into a smokey and "squirrely" burnout. Driver Kevin Johnson backs up in the groove and Bob Toth carefully lines him up. Dry hop? Check. Pre-stage? Check. Stage? Check. The green light [...]

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Glory Days at Maple Grove

Glory Days at Maple Grove August 19-20, 2017: Maple Grove Raceway, Reading, PA We rolled into Maple Grove Raceway on Friday evening just in time for a thunderstorm to narrowly miss the track and consequently us.  Saturday morning was a gorgeous start to the day. We set up the car and pit area along with the Phone Fuel Up free phone charging station compliments of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit. Plenty of crew and family, friends and fans were on hand to help for this test and tune outing for the Quarter Pounder. We need every pass down the track to get better and better as we're shooting for the tune up to get the QP into the 7.30-40's. Our goal all season long is to sneak up on the number and this weekend at the impeccable Maple Grove facility.  We prepped the car by adding fuel, changing plugs, setting valves and more.  Once the call was made we pulled into the lanes and got ready to run.  We fired the car and the crew removes the body pole and lowers the fiberglass lid on the flopper.  This run will be captured on video from inside the cockpit.  See the video below. Driver Kevin Johnson rolls into the burnout box and through under idle guided by the renown alcohol funny car driver and tuner Lou Sgro.  Up on the tire and into a blaze of smoke goes the new Goodyear slicks needed to overcome tire shake and loss of traction in the last set of tires.  Kevin pulls into the beams in a solo run.  Pre-stage and then staged.  The pro tree blinks and Kevin is off but double-steps the throttle once again [...]

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Island Dragway’s Funny Car Throwdown

Island Dragway's Funny Car Throwdown August 6, 2017: Island Dragway, Great Meadows, NJ A beautiful day was on hand for the Island Dragway Anniversary event that features the Funny Car Throwdown.  There was talk of funny cars showing up from all around to join in on the fun.  We were invited as an alternate and planned to test and tune on our passes. The pit area was set up and the new crew of the day was good friend Bruce Schafer.  He along with ace tuner Bobby Toth and friend Tony Mazzarella.  We serviced the car setting the valves and setting up the chassis steering a bit to fix an issue sustained at the last race in Pittsburgh.  Thanks to fellow racer Jami Russell we set the toe to the proper amount and continued getting the car prepped for the first round.  We missed the call as we didn't have the time to fire the car and set the tune-up so we skipped the first round. Second round we were more than ready to give it a shot.  After a big burnout and a couple dry hops up to the line we staged and left but immediately the car broke free and spun the slicks.  Keivn back-pedaled the throttle and ran a soft 8 second pass.  Not expecting the slick issue but the tune up was close and the burnout pleased the crowd. Thanks to Island Dragway for hosting the funny cars and to Chris and Krista Massarella for coordinating it for the funny car owners. Nicole LaFerrara Photo Keith Hudak Photo Eric Paone Photo Eric Paone Photo

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Good Vibrations Motorsports Funny Car Nationals

Good Vibrations Motorsports Funny Car Nationals July 15, 2017: Keystone Raceway Park, New Alexandria, PA The race team headed out to the show early Friday morning. Before long a trailer tire blew and the crew immediately went into action fixing replacing it with one of the spares.  Back on the road and just before arriving another tire lets go.  Time to employ the second and last spare wheel and tire. We finally arrived at the track nearly 8 hours later (what was to be a 4-5 hr trip!). We set up the pit area and unloaded the car in preparation for the big day on Saturday.  32 cars + were reported to be on the property and this was turning out to be one of the biggest funny car races in the country. This event was the first Funny Car Nationals to be video-cast live by Motor Mania TV and can be viewed in its entirety here. Saturday morning we serviced the car and put in a tune up with help from friend and tuner Brian Gawlik. We fired it up and finished getting ready for the first round.  We were paired up against Total Insanity and Chris Massarella (who would go on to win the event).  After a big burnout the car lost fire after the first dry hop attempt.  Chris won that round and went on to run an event-quickest 6.99 e.t.  We were allowed to re-fire the car and make a pass.  After a double-step on the throttle the car ran a soft 8 second pass. Back to the pits to service the engine and get ready for second round.  We check the plugs, adjust the tune up, run [...]

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Video Commercial for the Good Vibrations Motorsports Funny Car Nationals

Do you like nostalgia funny cars, where you can tell what the make and model is? Do you like long, smoky burnouts? Come on out to the LARGEST funny car race on the east coast, the 10th annual Good Vibrations Motorsports Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals, Saturday, July 15 at Keystone Raceway Park! A 32 car field of nostalgia funny cars will be fighting to be crowned champion, and after the final, there will be a funny car burnout challenge, topped off by an amazing fireworks display! This is a must see event! Along with our regular KRP/SSS points racing will also be the Bud's Auto Sales/Bower Hill Auto Body Nostalgia Stock/Super Stock Combo Eliminator!!! Be sure to check out our website for more info and "Like" us on Facebook for a chance to win FREE TICKETS!!! Keystone Raceway Park- 538 Stone Jug Road, New Alexandria, Pa. 15670 ~ (724) 668-7600 ~ Celebrating 50 years.

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Racin’ and Rockin’ Interview Tonight!

Listen to the show live tonight at 8:00 pm at: Click the red and white flashing box, "ON AIR .. LISTEN NOW". Another popup will appear and click on the arrow to start the show. The interview will be rebroadcast 24/7 for one week at the Racers Reunion link above. After that time, it will be put in the archives and can be accessed or downloaded at any time from the website. Show available here:  

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New Year, New Look

A little bit of color for the darkness Special Thanks to Dave Ferrin of Ferrin Motorsport Designs We have updated the look of the Quarter Pounder for 2017. The vinyl design was derived from the custom Ferrin design and adapted to a full-scale setup for putting on the car. Once ready to be printed the artwork was sent to the shop of Eddie Buck at his Eureka Sign and Display in Eureka, MO. The vinyl was received by the team and we started the prep for application which included removing the old graphics and cleaning the surface perfectly.  We cut the vinyl to fit on the car for both the top graphic and the sides.  We also cut out the tail lights and headlights along with the rear window. We applied using the wet method for applying decals.  We used a slightly soapy solution with just a small amount of rubbing alcohol. We worked out the solution and bubbles with body shop putty spreaders.  Once it was completely dry it was ready for trimming.  We did the wheel wells and cleaned up around the edges with an x-acto blade.  That's a wrap!

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PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals

PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals Sept 24-25th: Keystone Raceway Park, New Alexandria, PA A beautiful fall weekend was on tap for the 2016 PID/Keystone Nostalgia Nationals. This is an event that is host to the GLNFCC, Southern Slingshots, Ohio Outlaw Gassers and many more nostalgia race cars. With a scant crew the Quarter Pounder team set out Saturday morning at the break of dawn to roll across the Appalachian mountains into the town of New Alexandria and home to Keystone Raceway Park. After setting up the pit area we have a few hours to prepare the car for the warm up. The skies turned from overcast to blue skies and the time is drawing near. The air (density) didn't move much while the sun came out. Around 5:30 we were called to the lanes to pair up with John Kwasniewski's Pol Cal Corvette. We set up in the right lane firing up and rolling forward to get the slicks wet for a big burnout. A near-half-track burnout was completed and after rolling back and pulled into the beams the lights come down. The QP pushes through the beams before the tree was activated. After the pass it was found that the 12 volt system wasn't activated and caused the issue with the launch. Back to the pits to service the car and get ready for round two. Running the valves, fueling the car, packing the chutes, checking the air and changing the pill are among the duties. Soon enough the call was made to roll up to the top of the lanes. We were the first pair and matched up with veteran funny car racer Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock '71 Mustang. We fired up a [...]

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